Improve safety to protect the safety of workers
Improve safety to protect the safety of workers
Improve safety to protect the safety of workers

Item specifics

Detection method
Detection method: pressure sensing method
Mechanical life
3,000,000 times
EN 1760-1 reset command
Trigger force
<20 kg
Packaging materials



What is the CYNDAR PSM series safety carpet?
In fact, safety carpets are carpets with special functions made of special NBR materials. There is a safety protection device on this safety carpet. In the safety device of this safety carpet, a minimum applied weight is set. When the pressure on the safety carpet exceeds the minimum applied weight, then the safety carpet is The switch will automatically turn off. This function is to protect the operator from potential harm.
Precautions for use
Precautions for use
· Be sure to use safety mats and safety relays with safety function certification.  Be sure to use the safety mat with the safety relays in this instruction.
·Do not use the safety mat directly connected to the switch contacts of ordinary intermediate relays.  The safety mat cannot be directly connected to the PLC for use.
· Please regularly check whether the safety carpet is working properly to ensure its safety function.
· Please replace the safety carpets that have exceeded their service life in time.
·Please replace the safety carpet with damaged surface protection layer in time.