Introduction of safety light curtain and its application in industry.

Introduction of safety light curtain and its application in industry.


Introduction of safety light curtain and its application in industry.

Introduction to Safe Tickets


. The safety light curtain is a safety-certified light curtain product, which consists of two parts. The emitter emits modulated infrared light, which is received by the receiver to form a protective net. When an object enters the protective net, when light is blocked by the object, through the internal control circuit, the receiver circuit immediately responds, that is, the output Part of the output is a signal for emergency braking of machine tools such as punches and presses. The bare ticket has a very wide range of applications. For example, in the stamping equipment that requires continuous feeding and reclaiming, if a contact safety protection door is installed, the operator needs to open and close the protection door frequently, which not only increases the workload of the operator, but also reduces Increased production efficiency. In this case, the use of gratings and light curtains is the best choice.


Application of safety light curtain

2. The application of electro-sensitive protective devices in the safety system of the manufacturing industry has shown a strong momentum. The large-scale workstations of some high-end manufacturing plants have fully applied two-dimensional or even three-dimensional protection systems.


More production equipment, in occasions that require frequent intervention, after fully considering the divergent risks of material splashing, sparks, dust, etc., almost always choose to use safety light as a solution. The advantages of using a safety light curtain are:


1. The electro-sensitive protective device technology industry chain is mature, the product classification is clear, and various resolutions and safety performance levels can meet the requirements


2 Safety technology is developing fast, and various improvements in technology continue to break through the bottleneck and form specifications. The future standardization road is clear


3 As an active defense technology, the safety light curtain can effectively solve the landing problem in the production process by allowing automatic reset in most cases, greatly reducing the complexity of the operation and improving the production efficiency.