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Payment method We accept Paypal, T\T, SEPA payment (Euro in Europe only), ACH/Fedwire / Wire (U.S. dollar only) payment methods, and usually grant purchase invoices.

Urgent global delivery

Urgent global delivery We provide DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT global shipping. Many of our products can be shipped on the same day, and we can ship through your account. If necessary, we can also help you with express delivery. If you have any questions, please contact us.

What is your delivery time?

Provide sample order within 7 days after receiving your advance payment. Order in bulk within 10-20 days.

Why choose us? Our advantage

 Professional manufacturer integrating mold manufacturing, R&D, manufacturing and sales. All products are designed and produced by ourselves, and all have patents.

How the safety light curtain works

The safety light curtain is a safety-certified light curtain product and consists of two parts. The emitter emits modulated infrared light and is received by the receiver to form a protective net. When an object enters the protective net, when light is blocked by the object, through the internal control circuit, the receiver circuit immediately responds, that is, the output Part of it outputs a signal for emergency braking of machine tools such as punches and presses. Light curtains have a very wide range of applications. For example, in the stamping equipment that requires continuous feeding and reclaiming, if a contact safety protection door is installed, the operator needs to open and close the protection door frequently, which not only increases the workload of the operator, but also reduces Increased production efficiency. In this case, the use of gratings and light curtains is the best choice. When the operator is sending and reclaiming materials, as long as any part of the body blocks the light, the machine will enter a safe state without causing injury to the operator.

What is a pressure-sensitive edge?

The safety edge, also called, is a pressure-sensitive switch in the shape of a rubber band. The safety edge and the safety buffer are flexible and bendable ribbons that can be fixed on the edges of moving parts such as machine tool tables and electric doors that are in danger of squeezing and shearing.Cyndar Technology's pressure sensitive response or safety edge is an electrical switchgear consisting of a compatible housing and internal ribbon switch. The housing can be made of many different materials, including PVC, EPDM and TPE. When activated, the sensing or safety edge will act as a normally open momentary contact switch. Activation occurs when the force applied to the housing is transmitted to the switching element and causes the contacts to close. After the force is released, the contact opens again.Key attributesThe pressure sensitive edge has many attributes that define its operating characteristics.Contour: The cross section of the sensing edge. Its height, width, number of compartments and mechanical elements vary, all of which affect the actuation characteristics. The image above shows many examples of different configuration files.Power: Use an object of a specific size and shape to cause the switching element to contact and close inside the sensing edge housing.Compliance: The amount of deformation of the sensing edge before the switch is activated. When an immediate start is required, low compliance is required. The higher flexibility provides additional cushioning and provides resistance to errors or accidental actuation.Overtravel: The amount of deformation that the sensing edge can withstand after the switch is actuated. Overtravel determines the amount of cushioning after contact with the edge.Typical applicationPressure sensitive edges are usually used to protect personnel from injury or damage to equipment. In industrial environments, they can be used on mechanized door edges to detect obstacles, and they can also be used on scissor lifts to provide anti-pinch protection. They are suitable for collision sensors on AGVs, collision detectors on mobile platforms and positioning switches on mobile conveyors. In medical applications such as scanners, they can protect patients from moving parts of the equipment.Sensing edges are most commonly used in security applications. Therefore, Cyndar Technologies includes fail-safe wiring on all standard models with 4 cores. When used with Cyndar Technology's safety controller, it can continuously monitor the integrity of the sensing edge and all interconnections.

Will you test all products before shipping?

Yes, we have 100% factory inspection, aging test and anti-interference test for all machines.

What are your payment terms?

The customer pays the full amount and we ship according to the schedule.

What are your packaging conditions?

We have professional packaging. The color box is packed with foam plastic or air cushion cushioning material to ensure that the packaging does not damage the radar.

Does your company recruit agents?

Yes, our company recruits partners from all over the world

How to get the lowest shipping cost?

It depends on the weight and size of the product, your distance and acceptable delivery time and factors of the courier company. After comparing several other plans, we decided to choose our own logistics, but of course you can contact our customer service staff to choose your favorite logistics.

Can I discount?

Yes! The more quantities ordered, the more discounts you will receive.

Can I order samples to check the quality?

Of course, we will review your company’s qualifications. We can borrow samples (after receiving the goods, we can provide a one-month trial period). After a month of trial, you can decide to buy samples or return them. You only need to tell me the consignee's contact information and express account number. If you do not have a courier account, we will calculate the shipping cost for you.

The safety light curtain does not work

What should I do when the light curtain does not work and the meaning of the LED cannot identify the fault? In any case, we recommend that the system crash and send test commands to verify that the cause of the abnormal behavior is not due to electromagnetic interference from any random characters.In the case of abnormal operation even after sending the test command, and subsequently after shutting down and restarting the system:Check the integrity and fairness of the electrical connection;-Check whether the power supply voltage level meets the instructions in the technical data;·Check whether any relays or external contactors are used correctly, and appropriate suppression modules specified by the manufacturer are used;·Check if the projector and receiver are properly aligned and the optical parts are clean;·Check the working distance (vapor or smoke may occasionally cause occupation, use at maximum flow);·Check whether the baffle is subjected to vibration (temporary loss of alignment);·Check that no two or more users are working nearby or beside, and that the recipient cannot "see other projectors" except for his own receiver;·Check that obstacles are not placed near the reflective surface (such as transparencies or metal plates);·Verify that all components of the system are well grounded;If the suggested controls are not enough to restore the normal function of the system, please send the equipment to our laboratory together with all parts, and clearly state:·Serial number; date of purchase;·During operation;·Installation type;· Failure detected.