Safety light curtain

GZ Cyndar Co., Ltd

Cyndar Company is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in product research, development, production, sales and agency of optical, electrical and mechanical technology. It is a professional manufacturer of sensor products. Committed to preventing work-related accidents caused by human touch, such as safety protection devices and mold safety detectors, our product series include safety light curtains (safety gratings), safety laser radars, pressure-sensitive safety mats, safety edges, safety switches, Safety relays, etc. Among them, the safety light curtain series products are photoelectric safety protectors, measuring light curtains, screens, vehicle separation, high-precision microprocessor molds according to tally (mold safety detector), mis-mold multi-function, photoelectric reflector (reflector) The automatic equipment around the reflective mold and the punch provides high-quality products and professional services for well-known companies in the industry. After years of unremitting efforts, continuous transformation and continuous improvement, our products have been sold to customers throughout the country and Central Asia. Major automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, metal processing and forging equipment, etc. throughout the country. It is widely used in punch presses, shearing machines, bending machines, injection molding machines, hydraulic presses, wire drawing machines, leather machinery, woodworking machinery, automatic assembly lines and automatic mold inspections. All employees of the company will, as always, insist on "customer first, survive by quality", develop with science and technology, and operate with management philosophy", pragmatically and professionally provide customers with high-quality products, solve practical problems, and establish long-term stable cooperation. Relationship, your cooperation is welcome, welcome! Big guy will be your ideal partner.